Bridal Collections

FALL 2017
Trunk Show Schedule

Rina Di Montella
October 5th to 7th

Mikaella Bridal

Montage / Ivonne D
Mother of the Bride/Groom
October 12th to 14th

Eve of Milady Bridal

Cameron Blake
Mother of the Bride/Groom
November 16th to 18th

Augusta Jones Bridal

Ursula of Switzerland
Mother of the Bride/Groom

Meg Wedding Jewelry

Edward Berger Veils and Hair Accessories

Brides, Bridesmaids, Mothers-of-the-Bride + Flower Girls

Weddings are our thing!

Bridal Collections — many boutique fashions including our own in-house designer Daniel Thompson

The bride is the centerpiece of the wedding so we want to make sure you get the perfect dress to make this moment memorable. Our collection features a variety of designs and styles from classic, to modern and from casual destination to royalty. We've worked very hard to distinguish our collection from anything else you will find in the area. In fact, it was so important to us that we brought our own fabulous designer in-house to offer his popular designs or help you create something truly your own.

*Appointments required for wedding gown sessions.


A wedding is a cohesive package when it comes to design. We understand that the details count and there's no skimping when it comes to everybody looking their best. We've selected bridesmaid designers specifically because their styles rock. From classic to modern, Cocoa carries lines so your wedding party can dress to impress.


We don't believe in tradition—well, not when it comes to Mothers-of-the-bride/groom. Forget about the frumpy, bland dress you're expected to be wearing. Last time we checked, burlap was out.

Bridal Shoes and Accessories

Mmmm hmmmm... we got it all.


Yeah, we thought that through too with our friends at Sarno and Sons
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