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FALL 2017
Trunk Show Schedule

Rina Di Montella
October 5th to 7th

Mikaella Bridal

Montage / Ivonne D
Mother of the Bride/Groom
October 12th to 14th

Eve of Milady Bridal

Cameron Blake
Mother of the Bride/Groom
November 16th to 18th

Augusta Jones Bridal

Ursula of Switzerland
Mother of the Bride/Groom

Meg Wedding Jewelry

Edward Berger Veils and Hair Accessories

Traveling this Year?

Picadilly Fashions

Picadilly Fashions has finally arrived at Cocoa Couture! Everyone has been eagerly awaiting their arrival, since this company has started to gain a huge following in the last couple of years. Now it’s grown to almost a cult phenomenon! Every customer of Picadilly says they same thing, once you let the wonderful fabric touch your skin, you are hooked! Picadilly Fashions is one of the most successful apparel companies in Canada. Their gorgeous line is designed ready to wear for travel or women on the go. It packs great, with its non-wrinkle material and is suitable for all types of women. They are modern, cosmopolitan and always pack a tasteful, international flare.

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Donna Rico

This Spring, Donna Ricco is making the transition easier, by easing into the season with saturated classic colors like Indigo, Lacquer Red, and season-less Black and White. These colors look great on all complexions and you don't even need a tan to carry them off! Prints in these colors are easy to wear early in the season because they all have a dark background, and the colors really pop.

As the weather gets warmer all over the country, I feel I'm ready to wear "notice-me colors" like Strawberry, Blue Marine, Palm Green and Zest Yellow. This is the time to celebrate the change of season with fresh cut floral prints in feminine and alluring silhouettes. As the summer weather beckons, I'm ready to step back into graphic black and white, always an easy choice in bold prints and solids that can take me from AM to PM no matter what the day might bring.

Three children and 20-odd years later, Donna Ricco is as committed and alive as ever to the challenges of running a successful dress design company. "I am my customer," she explains. "And I'm doing this to make women feel good about them-selves. After all this time, I've learned that if I know what works for me, if I can wear it and feel great in it, my customer will, too." As for the world's recent love affair with the dress? Ricco believes that it has more to do with women than with the ins and outs of fashion. "Women are re-thinking their lives and how they want to present themselves. They exercise and take care of their skin. They work at it and they're feeling confident about who they are. Wearing a dress is a natural expression of that confidence." Pausing for a moment, she laughs. "It's also part of keeping things straightforward and simple, you know?"

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