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The lady of the house

In a gown of silk and whispers of lace, She glides with grace, adorned in bridal embrace. A tapestry of dreams woven in her gaze, A bride on her wedding day, love’s eternal maze. Her heart alights, a symphony of joy, As anticipation dances, oh so coy. A flutter of hope in each delicate step, She breathes in love’s fragrance, tenderly kept. The morning sun cascades, a golden hue, As she blossoms, radiant, and true. Her veil like a cloud, trails gently behind, A vision of love, she’s bound to find. In her eyes, a reflection of dreams untold, The promise of a future, a love to unfold. Her smile radiates, a celestial gleam, As she steps into forever, a cherished dream.

Family and friends, their hearts intertwined, Witness her vows, a union divinely designed. Each word spoken, a melody of trust, Sealing their love, with a promise so just. The melody of laughter fills the air, As they celebrate love, beyond compare. With every dance, a new chapter begins, A journey of togetherness, where love always wins. In this tapestry of love, she’s the shining thread, Weaving moments of bliss, where souls are wed. May her love story forever be told, A bride on her wedding day, a tale of pure gold.