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July 2023

To all my wonderful customer, employees and friends,

After hours of much thought and consideration, and a BIG BIRTHDAY, I have reluctantly made the sad decision to retire and close my bridal shop.

I want to say a huge Thank You to all of my loyal customers and employees throughout my 16 years as a bridal consultant and manager of Cocoa Couture. This is not an easy decision but it is the right one and the right time.

The relationships I have made over the years along with so many fond memories I will forever take with me. It was always my dream to help people have their special moment be the best ever….as per our advertised statement…”The right dress makes the moment”.

May God Bless all of you for your loyalty, friendship, kindness and support.

Most Sincerely, Jill A Brown


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About Us

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We’re in the business of making memories—and while you may think that we just sell dresses, we actually have a very big job. The dresses we sell are symbolic of a pretty special moment that you usually don’t get to do over.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Ashley McIntyre
    “I found my dress in February after visiting a different store earlier with no success. The consultant I worked with was fabulous I believe her name was Miranda and she was home on vacation from college! Shem made me feel so comfortable and truly listened to what look I was going for! My mom also loved the little pup that was there to greet us as we walked in the door! I loved my experience and cannot wait for my dress to come in! Thank you so much for making my search for the perfect gown easy and enjoyable.”
  • Amy Lynn
    “I bought my dress today and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Everyone was very helpful and genuinely cared about my style and preferences. It was comfortable, cozy, and personal with a huge selection of gorgeous gowns. Thank you so much!”
  • JoAnn Ressler Slingwine
    “My life has been so busy, I am a wife, mother, grandmother, work full-time, preparing for the holiday, and my father has been really sick in and out of the hospital. In addition my youngest son is getting married next weekend and I didn’t have a mother of the groom dress. I read on Coca Couture website that they carry larger size dresses (because I’m not a size 10 anymore). I went to the store without an appointment and was greeted immediately with a smile by Jill and Danielle. I told them I needed a mother of the groom dress. They asked when do I need it for? Hesitant to reply, I said next weekend. Jill said no problem. I say really?? She said we will find you a dress. Both Jill and Danielle began searching for dresses for me to try on. After trying on about 5 dresses, I knew I had found the right dress!! Both Jill and Danielle agreed, it wsa the dress for me. I want to thank both Jill and Danielle for making me beautiful for my son’s wedding. It was tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders that I now had a dress. I am truly grateful and would highly recoomend Cocoa Couture in Hershey for your wedding needs!”
  • Moira Shea
    “I went to a few bridal shops to look for a dress but Cocoa Couture was definitely the best. Compared to toher bridal shops, the consultants were very knowledgeable about the dresses, from information on the designers, to how the dresses are made, how we can expect them to be altered, etc. Janine, my consultant was very helpful. The first set of dresses weren’t exactly what I had in mind, but she listened to my suggestions and style ideas and picked out so many dresses that matched my idea of a perfect wedding dress. In the end it was hard to choose. I swear they know the details of every dress in the whole store. If you just tell them what you want they will find a dress that has it. I would definetely recommend this shop to anyone in the future. However, it is easiest for them to help you if you have an idea in mind, so make sure you come prepared with pictures!”
  • Ellie Lynn
    “Last year I went to Cocoa Couture, nervous but excited. I was never in a real wedding gown shop and there were lots of options. The particular dress I was looking for was available, but the young woman that was assisting me was beyond helpful. She asked me all kinds of questions to get a better feel for my likes and dislikes. Pulled out a few dresses and tried them on, but nothing that shouted “this is your dress!” Then she noticed one small detail about me. I had a touch of glitter in my eyeshadow. Going off that, the designer I loved, and the other things she knew about me, she pulled out this one partcular dress. At first glance, it was kinda plain looking but I LOVED the sparkly skirt it had. I tried it on and I really liked it, but wanted to think about it. I tried a few more but kept going back to that one dress. Finally I tried it on again. I went out to look at it and let mey mom see it again. The woman helping me put a veil on me to give it a more bridal look and that was it. I knew it was my dress. I am beyond happy I went there for my dress. Every fitting and picking my girls dresses went so smoothly and everyone was so sweet and helpful. Thank you all so much for making one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding be so fun!

The lady of the house

In a gown of silk and whispers of lace, She glides with grace, adorned in bridal embrace. A tapestry of dreams woven in her gaze, A bride on her wedding day, love’s eternal maze. Her heart alights, a symphony of joy, As anticipation dances, oh so coy. A flutter of hope in each delicate step, She breathes in love’s fragrance, tenderly kept. The morning sun cascades, a golden hue, As she blossoms, radiant, and true. Her veil like a cloud, trails gently behind, A vision of love, she’s bound to find. In her eyes, a reflection of dreams untold, The promise of a future, a love to unfold. Her smile radiates, a celestial gleam, As she steps into forever, a cherished dream.

Family and friends, their hearts intertwined, Witness her vows, a union divinely designed. Each word spoken, a melody of trust, Sealing their love, with a promise so just. The melody of laughter fills the air, As they celebrate love, beyond compare. With every dance, a new chapter begins, A journey of togetherness, where love always wins. In this tapestry of love, she’s the shining thread, Weaving moments of bliss, where souls are wed. May her love story forever be told, A bride on her wedding day, a tale of pure gold.

We love seeing how the girls in our prom dresses sparkle. Before shoping anywhere else, come see us.

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