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About Us

The Sweetest dress shop in Central Pennsylvania
Wedding Dresses

The right dress makes the moment

Cocoa Couture is a full service bridal shop specializing in everything formal. We highlight bridal and prom with a mix of ready-to-wear and black-tie affair ensembles. We top it all off with cruise and destination wear which can be ordered for any occasion.

Wedding Dresses and Formal Wear

We’re in the business of making memories—and while you may think that we just sell dresses, we actually have a very big job. The dresses we sell are symbolic of a pretty special moment that you usually don’t get to do over. When we help you find the perfect dress that means something to us. That means we’ve helped you select something in harmony with that moment, a dress that will help make that moment last forever. When you think about it, we have a lot on our shoulders—so it’s a good thing we love what we do!

We’ve been here in Hershey for a while now. While we’ve grown and brought all kinds of new stuff into the shop, did a lot of weddings and proms and won a few awards, we have measured our successes by how many friends we’ve made since we decided to set up our boutique just a few short years ago.

By appointment or Walk-In, we are here to help.
Mixing tradition with fresh influences with a welcoming atmosphere

Our Promise

We stand by our dresses and our experience in the industry.
We won’t be satisfied until you are happy and find the perfect dress.
Jill Brown, Owner

Our Philosophy

It is to help you find the perfect dress
for your perfect day.

Large Selection

With a large selection of all the best styles, our staff will help you find what you are looking for.

For the Occassion

If you special occasion is a wedding or prom or mother of the bride or groom, we have it for you.

Premium Quality

This is your moment, your day. We offer top-of-the-line dresses and formal wear so you will look your best or your special day.

The lady of the house

A bride adorned in white, so fair, Her heart aflutter, love in the air. In her eyes, a sparkling light, On this sacred day, her spirit takes flight.
Her dress, a vision of silk and lace, Graceful steps, with elegance and grace. A bouquet held tight, delicate and sweet, A symbol of love, forever to keep.
The sun’s gentle rays kiss her face, As she walks towards her love’s embrace. With every beat, her heart sings, A symphony of joy, love’s offering.

In her smile, dreams come alive, A promise made, as they both strive. To build a life, hand in hand, Their love, a rock on which they stand.
The world fades away, it’s just them two, As vows are exchanged, forever true. In this moment, their souls unite, A love story, painted in pure light.
Cheers and laughter fill the air, As they dance, a perfect pair. Their love shines bright, like a guiding star, A bride on her wedding day, a love to cherish from afar.